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Ash Borland

Podcaster, Content Creator, Consultant.

Hi, I am Ash, I am a Podcaster, Content Creator & Consultant... If it can be recorded and uploaded to the internet, then I am obsessed with it.

My background is in Performing Arts and Branding which was a perfect mix when it came to video and audio.

I have launched many podcasts over the years both for my business and others. With my own show reaching 9th in the UK Marketing Charts and also being in the top 2% of all podcasts globally. my social media content has generated millions of views and downloads across multiple channels.

I have worked with 100s of clients helping them with their podcast and repurposing strategies within their business and in 2021 alone this content has generated multiple 6 figures in extra revenue for them.

To sum me up, I am just someone obsessed with what he does and wants to push it every day to be better

Creating Through Adversity with Ash Borland

April 4, 2022

Ash Borland is one of the biggest podcasters in the UK. Ash shares how his struggles with severe dyslexia become actually helped him be a prolific content creator, consultant, and podcaster. Connect with Ash https://www.yout…

Guest: Ash Borland