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Rob Balasabas

Head of Partnerships at Uscreen

Rob Balasabas is the Head of Partnerships at Uscreen, where he manages the Uscreen Affiliate Program, as well as Uscreen’s Influencer and Brand Partner Relationships.

He’s also the host of Uscreen’s “Video Entrepreneur” Podcast where he talks to some of the top creators and industry experts about how they’ve built their businesses using videos.

Rob is a content creator at heart, he publishes tutorial videos and live streams on his personal Youtube Channel and social profiles.

He also has a personal podcast called “Coffee with Content Creators”.

He runs a successful private membership called “CreatorsTV” using the Uscreen platform (of course!).

When he’s not working, Rob is a husband and a dad loves to drink coffee, and explore new places with his family.

Building Community and Making Money Online - with Rob Balasabas

March 22, 2022

In this episode, I talk with content creator, podcaster, and Uscreen Head of Partnerships Rob Balasabas about the creator economy and how creators can build community and income with memberships. Check out Uscreen for yourse…

Guest: Rob Balasabas